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The College of Architecture - Information Technology Services (ITS) offers many services to the faculty, staff, and students. ITS has diverse experiences with many technologies and software packages closely tied to the architecture environment.

Services for Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Reporting an Issue

COA members can use JIRA as an issue management system to track current issues and problems in the college.

Computer Accounts

ITS provides a unique account to each faculty, staff, and student for exclusive use in the College of Architecture.

File Storage

ITS supports and maintains various storage devices for use by our faculty, staff, and students to store personal and college data.

Printing and Plotting

ITS provides support for black and white and color printing throughout the college.

Software Support

ITS has an extensive array of software specifically aimed at meeting the academic and research goals of our college. ITS provides the maintenance and upkeep of many software packages located in teaching labs and student pods

Equipment Checkout

ITS provides media equipment for checkout to faculty, staff, and students for college related projects.

Services for Faculty and Staff


ITS maintains its own mail service, which provides email, calendaring, contract and task management. This service provides smart phone compatibility.

Computer Ordering

Our knowledgeable staff will gladly sit and spend time with you maximizing available funding to get the best computer suited for your needs.

Computer Repair

We offer extensive software and hardware repair options for all College owned systems and we will work diligently towards getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Web Team

ITS maintains and supports its own web infrastructure, hosting college, department, and center websites.

Notification of Potential Service Interruptions


College of Architecture (COA) - Information Technology Services (ITS) periodically conducts maintenance and updates on the systems and networks that may require downtime of various services. As such, certain services may become unavailable for access/use while the maintenance is in effect. ITS notifies all staff and faculty in advance of such service interruptions that are the result of internal maintenance by ITS or other departments within the Texas A&M University system (such as the Physical Plant or Computing & Information Services).

Causes of Service Interruptions

To maintain the highest level of security and quality for all users within the College, ITS periodically performs upgrades and maintenance on our servers. During such upgrades, the servers may need to be taken offline while the update/maintenance work is done. Offline servers are unable to support network activity until all work is completed, at which point the equipment is brought back online and all functionality is restored (and in many cases, enhanced).

In addition to ITS, other University departments perform occasional work within the College that could also cause a temporary loss of service. Such activity includes work by the Physical Plant on the College's electrical system, or by Computing & Information Services (CIS) on external network equipment. Other factors, such as meteorological conditions and external construction (which are beyond the control of ITS) may also cause temporary loss of services.

Procedure for Notification

By policy, ITS follows a certain procedure of informing the College of Architecture faculty and staff about activities that have a known potential to interrupt both critical and non-critical services. Regarding planned interruptions, ITS will provide advance notice of at least 48 hours before the interruption. The primary mechanism for notification will be through e-mail and the ITS Web Site. Any such notice describing pre-planned service interruptions will be labeled in the subject line with the following line of text: SCHEDULED OUTAGE - Day, Date @ Time.

With regards to unplanned outages (such as those resulting from weather conditions or other uncontrollable external factors), ITS staff will e-mail an announcement which gives a brief description of the extent, duration, and cause of the interruption(s). In addition, the announcement will address any ongoing problems that may have resulted from the unplanned outage. Updates will be posted to the ITS Web Site to notify everyone of the status and resolution of the interruption of service. Furthermore, the ITS Help Desk will have information about possible problems caused by these situations along with suggested solutions, in the event faculty and staff require additional support. Unless otherwise specified, any questions regarding outages should be directed to the Help Desk which can be reached at 979.862.8584.

ITS will hold Scheduled Maintenance periods the last Friday of every month from 8pm - 12am to apply updates and health checks to our current infrastructure. Each maintenance period will be announced following the procedure outlined above.

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