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RESOLVED  Login issues have been resolved. Reboot your computer if you still experience delays.

Starting this morning, some Windows users experienced very long delays when signing in to their workstations. We have identified the cause of this issue as a security update from Microsoft that was applied late last week. We have isolated the update, and have instructed affected computers to roll back to their previous state. Our testing indicates that this resolves the issue.

Your computer should get these changes pushed to it automatically later today. If you are currently experiencing issues logging in to your Windows computer, you can force the update by rebooting your computer while it is connected to the TAMU network. This will remove the offending code and should allow normal logins again.
If you still experience issues after rebooting, please contact the Helpdesk at 2-8584 or I apologize for the inconvenience this caused many of you; we work hard to ensure that updates will not have adverse affects, but sometimes side affects only become evident after the fact. 
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