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Microsoft Imagine's Instructions to Install Project

  1. You should have received an email about an account for Microsoft Imagine. Check your university email (<username>

  2. Find email "Texas A&M University - College Station - College of Architecture - Microsoft Imagine Premium <>" with the subject "Webstore Account Information"

  3. Click the link under "Link to Webstore:"

  4. On the Account Registration page, fill out your details.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR USERNAME OR EMAIL ADDRESS.  You will receive a confirmation at <username> if your registration is successful.  You'll also be taken to the Microsoft Imagine home screen.

  5. Your home screen should show Microsoft Project 2013 and Microsoft Project 2010.  Click on whichever you prefer (depends on which version of Office you have installed).
  6. Choose the version that goes with your current MS Office.

  7. Click "Add To Cart" for the last option:  "Microsoft Project Professional 2013 with SP1 32/64-Bit - Web Installer (English) - Microsoft Imagine"

    NOTE:  You must use the Web Installer!

  8. On the "Your Cart" page, ensure you see "Microsoft Project Professional 2013 with SP1 32/64-Bit - Web Installer (English) - Microsoft Imagine" (web installer is important here).  Click "Check Out"
  9. Accept the user agreement by clicking "I Accept."

  10. On the confirmation page, click "Proceed with Order."  You should get an email sent to <username> to confirm your order was successful.
  11. On the "Receipt" page, Click "Download" on the left of the gray bar above the items.
  12. The Next page that will come up is:
    1. Download & save the "Download & Install the Secure Download Manager (SDM)
    2. Download & save the "Download & Open Your Order Package (.SDX file)"

    3. Install the program you downloaded in step a; it is named "SDM_EN.msi"
    4. Install the SDX file you downloaded in Step b; it will look like a blue circle with an arrow on it.
    5. A window opens that asks which version of MS Project you wish to install

      1. Choose what version you already have x64 or x32
  13. Once you click download then it will go to your default download location.
    1. which is usually C:\Users\<name of account on your computer>\Downloads
  14. Install MS Project after the download completes.
  15. To get your product key if you have already closed the checkout screen.

  16. Go to
  17. Sign in with your email as the username and the password you set up earlier. 
  18. At the top right, click on “ Your Account/Orders”
  19. Next under Order History click on MS Project. 
  20. This will take you to the page with the Product Key on it. It will be towards the bottom of the page. 

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