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RESOLVED  Login issues have been resolved. Reboot your computer if you still experience delays.

Starting this morning, some Windows users experienced very long delays when signing in to their workstations. We have identified the cause of this issue as a security update from Microsoft that was applied late last week. We have isolated the update, and have instructed affected computers to roll back to their previous state. Our testing indicates that this resolves the issue.

Your computer should get these changes pushed to it automatically later today. If you are currently experiencing issues logging in to your Windows computer, you can force the update by rebooting your computer while it is connected to the TAMU network. This will remove the offending code and should allow normal logins again.
If you still experience issues after rebooting, please contact the Helpdesk at 2-8584 or I apologize for the inconvenience this caused many of you; we work hard to ensure that updates will not have adverse affects, but sometimes side affects only become evident after the fact. 

RESOLVED Normal access has been restored to as of 3:45pm.  

It may be necessary to reboot your Windows computer in order to resolve all file access and normal Desktop operations. If you continue to notice abnormal behavior, please call the Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584 or email 

UPDATE - Issue with networked filed storage (filer)

We are continuing to work toward restoring file access to (our main file storage device).  We have been working with vendor support all morning to isolate the issue and restore connectivity.  

We are especially aware of the difficulty this creates for faculty giving finals and other staff that are rounding-out end-of-year projects.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will do everything possible to restore your access as soon as possible.

At this time, if you have an emergency, mission-critical, or finals-related situation and need to access your data, please call the Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584 for assistance.  At this time we are asking that this be reserved for only truly critical needs as we are unaware of how long we may be able to maintain this temporary access.  

Please stay tuned to this channel or contact our Helpdesk for more information as the situation progresses.

We are currently experiencing a hardware issue that is causing (our main file storage service) to be inaccessible. This issue has caused all network fileshares hosted on to be unavailable (like the "O" drive, and some home directories). Also, many Windows workstations may see problems loading files onto the Desktop, with some Desktops appearing blank or reporting errors when attempting to save a file.

This issue has was first reported starting Thursday afternoon, and ITS is currently addressing the problem. We are in contact with the hardware vendor for a solution, and will continue to update this space as new information is available.

We experienced a network issue starting around 2pm on Monday, Nov 30 that caused (our main file storage service) to be inaccessible for a while. This issue caused all network fileshares hosted on to be unavailable (like the "O" drive, and some home directories). Also, many Windows workstations had problems loading files onto the Desktop, with some Desktops appearing blank or reporting errors when attempting to save a file.

RESOLVED This issue has been resolved as of 3:10pm. If you still experience problems connecting to filer or accessing files on your Windows Desktop, please reboot your computer. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Helpdesk to open a ticket and a technician will investigate. 


Welcome back — important IT updates

Welcome back to campus for the fall term! As usual in the world of technology, there are lots of new things to report:

College email. Earlier this summer, the college finished its move to the consolidated Exchange server hosted by the university. We were one of the first colleges to join up, and over the next year we will see the rest of the university added to this single email and calendaring system (a move which will certainly simplify scheduling meetings outside our college). If you were gone for part of the summer, or have any questions about your email, please contact the Helpdesk.

Small-format printing for students. As part of our efforts to streamline operations for students, we have partnered with the campus Open Access Computer Labs (OAL) to merge the college-provided print quotas and queues with the printing systems operated by OAL and available all across campus. This change also adds a number of new features, including scanning, copying, mobile printing, email-based printing, and the ability to print from anywhere and choose your printer later. More details are available here:  

Classroom technology. We have partnered with campus IT to upgrade a number of classrooms to university standards over the past two semesters. This semester, we are continuing that progress. Starting Monday podium computers in all classrooms in Langford and Francis will look and behave the same. We will continue to improve the A/V hardware in our buildings to meet the same standards; a number of spaces are scheduled for upgrades during the fall semester. Additionally, you will notice new collaboration technology scattered throughout the Langford building—we are currently evaluating these tools for their suitability within the college. We really need your feedback!

Network upgrades. Our building’s network connection to campus was given a significant upgrade this summer, and is now more reliable and capable than ever. This will become increasingly obvious in the C building over the next semester, as older components are upgraded to take advantage of the new infrastructure. FYI:                the greenspace in front of Langford now has Wifi (broadcasting from the top of our building)!

New staff in ITS. We have had some staffing changes in ITS since January. Laura Melton is our newest employee and I’m sure you will be seeing a lot of her over the coming months. Those of you located in the Francis building might have noticed that we opened a remote Helpdesk location on the first floor. Stop by and say hi!

If you experience any problems or unexpected IT issues, please contact the Helpdesk at 862-8584, in person at A122, or just email to open a ticket. Given all the changes that we’ve seen over the summer, some growing pains are expected. We’ll need your help to quickly identify and resolve any issues as they arise.

My door is always open if you have any questions or comments about these changes, or any other technology-related matter. Have a great fall term!



Jason L. Vaughn  |  Helpdesk Manager

College of Architecture | Texas A&M University


TAMU MS 3137 | College Station, TX 77843

Tel. 979.862.8584 |


ITS Wiki |

An issue with a server in the college authentication system caused the college mail servers to be inaccessible for several hours this morning (Sunday, May 10). The authentication system was not processing login requests and had to be restarted. During this time, you may have noticed you were unable to access the mail server to check your mail. 


The issue was identified at 10:25am and resolved by 11:02am. Although the incident prevented access to your mailbox, any mail sent to you during that time frame will have been delivered as normal. No data was lost as a consequence of this issue. 


We we apologize for the interruption; if you notice any further issues, please call the Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584. Although we are closed today, we are actively checking voicemail and the information will be routed to the appropriate staff. As always, an email to will open a ticket directly. 


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