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Updating your College of Architecture Profile has now been fully integrated to web.  Performing this action requires a web browser, internet connectivity, and access to your NetID login credentials.


Step by step instructions to update COA Profile:

Navigate to your web browser and type, or click link.

Select the Login Button on the left.  

Enter the correct NetID credentials and login.

Once redirected to the My Profile Page, select the option to 'Edit Profile' from the 'Other Actions' drop-down list.


  • The first section of the page allows you to update your profile with a custom display name and preferred email. 
  • This area also allows you to list a webpage  (Note: website must be in "" format).
  • You may list your job title under the 'Primary Role' options list for others to see.



  • The Employment Information section allows you to set your office location, work phone and additional groups.



  • The Education Information section lets you add information relating to your education background and personal information



  • The Personal Information section allows you to add personal contact details.
  • Even though this information is limited to yourself and directory administrators, please never share information you would not want others to have access to.

When you have finished making your changes, you must click "Save Changes"




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