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Intro to Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a survey software that not only allows the user to send out surveys – it aggregates the data collected from those surveys and allows the user to analyze it in the suite.

TAMU is now allowing individual Colleges to enroll and manage users in Qualtrics, allowing faculty, staff, and students of the College of Architecture to easily gather data or opinions on a variety of subjects.

Registering with Qualtrics

In order to register for a college Qualtrics license, start at the link provided below:


1) Type in your COA email address, along with a password of your choosing, and press "Get Started!"


2) Next, type in your First and Last name, along with your phone number and press "Finish"


3) Under "I Have and Access Code", type: TAMU-ARCH, and press "Go"

This step is required in order to associate the account you created to the license maintained by the College of Architecture. Without this step, you will only be able to use a trial version of Qualtrics.


4) Check your COA email for the following message, and click on the link to confirm your request.


5) Your account should now be created. Follow the link to log in with your new account.


6) Once logged in to Qualtrics, you will be prompted to update your account information.


7) For future logins, simply log in with your Qualtrics account to

Using Qualtrics

Qualtrics University provides an excellent training source to quickly learn how to fully use the software suite.

Watch the five-part video series in order to get a quick overview of using Qualtrics to its full potential.

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