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These pages are no longer being updated; Please view our updated site at or our public-facing MakerPlace website

3D Printer Pricing

Vinyl Cutter Services

Types of 3D Printing

3D Printing Filament Configurations

Styles of FDM Printers

  • Delta
  • Cartesian
  • Polar

The Process of Printing

Materials and their Variants

FFF Extruders and their Variants (WIP)

  • Bowden
  • Direct
  • Paste

Types of 3D Scanning

Comparison of Current Scanners (WIP)

RepRap (WIP)

3D Printing All Around (WIP)

Personal Experiences (WIP)

  • Up! Mini
  • Makerbot 2
  • Makerbot 5th Gen
  • FlashForge Dreamer
  • CubePro
  • Projet 460
  • Eden 300v
  • Incentive Program
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