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The Gamification of 3D Printing

3D printing is an excitingly new and difficult area. Many people are worried about having to design and create files before being able to print them, even though there are many free options available online. To deter the worriers, I think I will develop a means of increasing measurement that involves them printing more. In addition, space pending, I will attempt to commit to perform X amount of workshops per month or week, in order to allow printers to develop good design principles and teach them more about various printing concepts.

Goals would involve titles or name tags with these titles after they reach each goal or milestone.

Printer Titles:

New Printer - 1 print successfully completed

Novice Printer - 10 prints successfully completed

The Hobbyist - 25 prints successfully completed (+ 10% discount for X amount of time)

etc etc


Print Failure Titles:

The Learner - 1 print failed (and they will be taught why)

The Preserver - 10 prints failed (+ 2 free prints)


Designer Titles - 

The Architecture Prospective - 1 print file designed and uploaded to college repository

The Architecture Minor - 10 print files designed

The Architecture Major - 25 print files designed

The Grad Student - 100 print files designed (+ custom sign of thanks)


Printer Privileges

Ability to hangout in Makerspace - Default, free privilege

Free sample print - Attended 3D Printing 101: What is 3D Printing?

Ability to submit files to print - Attended 3D Printing 201: How to Print in 3D

Ability to submit custom files to print - Attended 3D Printing 202: Designing Files for Printing

Ability to gain X % discount on next X prints - Attended 3D Printing 101, 201, and 202 (idea here is that they will make better designs and files with less failure chance)

Ability to set up personalized help sessions -  Attend 3D Printing 301: Diagnosing and Troubleshooting

Ability to tinker with a RepRap Printer - Attended 3D Printing: 401: Working on Printers

Ability to work with own printer - Bring your own 3D printer and sign some waivers etc

Collaborations with professors are possible in this area.


Goals would be a great way to keep up interest in our programs!

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