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Accounts and Passwords

How much print "quota" do I receive each semester?

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Students receive $30 of quota from the SCC (student computing center) for use in Open Access Labs.  The Helpdesk provides COA students with $30 quota to use in the College of Architecture. After students expend their quotas, they can purchase more at the Helpdesk. 

The current print rates are:

Type of PrintCost per Sheet
Black and White Single-Sided$0.10 per sheet
Black and White Double-Sided$0.19 per sheet
Black and White 11x17$0.20 per sheet
Color 8.5x11 Single-Sided$0.50 per sheet
Color 11x17 Single-Sided$1.00 per sheet
Special Paper 8.5x11$0.81 per sheet

What are your hours during Spring Break?

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The Help Desk will be open Monday through Thursday 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. 

You may call the Help Desk at 979-862-8584 at normal business hours.

Who has an account?

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COA accounts are provided to VIZ registered students, student workers, faculty, and staff in the College of Architecture. The students of departments other than VIZ should use their NetID accounts to login to the open access computers

What if I forgot my COA username?

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For VIZ students only:

Your username is your initials and the last four digits of your UIN.  If you don't have a middle name use a 0.

    Example: Name = John Bob Doe, UIN = 123456789

               username will be jbd6789

Is it possible for me to manually reset my password by myself?

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To reset a COA account, on any computer with internet access, go to and follow the directions on the page to reset your password.

Use the to reset your NetID password.

The lab computer says my account is locked.  What do I do?

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COA account: call our Helpdesk at 979-862-8584

NetID account: call the Helpdesk Central at 979-845-8300 to unlock your account.

How do I print on regular sized paper (8.5x11 or 11x17) in color?

Go here.

How do I print on thick paper (8.5x11 or 11x17 or 13x19 or 17 inch) rolls?

Go here.

I would like to reset my password, and I have an COA mail account.

Go here.

My password was just reset, and now I can't connect to the COA server on my laptop.

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The first time you logged onto the server via laptop, you probably clicked "Remember my Credentials."  By doing that you're now locked out because of resetting your password.  To fix this:

  1. Open up the Control Panel from the start up menu.
  2. Open Credential Manager.
  3. Select Remove Credentials.
  4. Try Again.

How do I get a new account created for my student worker, etc.?

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This option is only for Faculty and Staff.

These accounts must be requested by their department head or department secretary through the ticket system at Arch Help

In the ticket the following must be included for prompt approval and creation.  (Every part must be filled.)

Full Name:



Classification: (Choose one)
Faculty, Staff, or Student Worker

Manager/Direct Report:


Hire date:

Request E-mail account:
(Choose one) Yes or no

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