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The College provides separate accounts for Students, Faculty, and Staff. These accounts are for the sole use of accessing resources provided within the College. Such access includes printers, e-mail, storage, etc. This page outlines the different type of accounts and common services associated with account ownership. University Accounts are governed under SAP 29.01.99.M1.03

Accounts available:

Student Accounts

These accounts are created automatically every semester based on student enrollment. When a student is no longer taking any College courses their accounts are marked as disabled. Accounts are maintained for one semester past the last enrolled semester.  An email account is not provided to student accounts.

Student Employee Accounts

These accounts are designated for students that are employed by the College in staff or research positions. They will need the approval of the hiring supervisor before they will be created. These accounts are granted access to college resources for the business unit the student is employed with. An email address will be created as well for each account to facilitate inter-office communication via the college mail system. These accounts are established to expire at the end of every semester. A renewal request will be sent out to the hiring supervisor each semester.

Faculty Accounts

These accounts are designated for any faculty members associated with the College. The accounts are allocated permissions for access into the departmental resources. Faculty accounts are also set up with an official College email address as these are used as the primary communication media in the College.

Staff Accounts

These accounts are designated for any staff member associated with the College. The accounts are allocated based on the hiring department or center and are granted permissions based on those criteria. Staff accounts are also set up with an official College email address as these are used as the primary communication media in the college. 

Account Services:

Resetting Passwords

If you forget your password, your password can be reset by visiting the ITS Helpdesk in A122. You will need to provide a form of university or government identification, the most common being your Student ID or employee ID card.

Unlocking Accounts

If your account is accessed with an incorrect password more than three times, your account will become locked for a period of fifteen minutes to prevent accounts from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. To unlock the account, you will need to visit the Helpdesk in A122 and show a form of ID.

Disabling accounts

Accounts may be disabled after they have committed an offense deeming these necessary actions. Such activities include: physical destruction, attempted account hacking, uploading viruses, and harassment of other students or student workers. Accounts may also be disabled as a result of having overdue media equipment.

Activating Accounts

Student accounts are created based on course enrollment.  Depending on when the course was registered it may take up to 24 hours to confirm your enrollment.  If your account is still not activated, stop by the Helpdesk in A122 to make us aware of the issue.


Student employees, staff, and faculty will be required to have their hiring superior input a ticket to activate their accounts. 

The following information is required to create an employee account:

  • Full Name
  • UIN
  • Title
  • Manager/Direct Report
  • Department/Office/Center
  • Hire date
  • Affiliation: (Visiting Scholar, Faculty, Staff, Student Worker)
  • Contact information for new hire (email)
  • Please provide an end-date, if known, otherwise ITS will set the account to automatically expire at the end of the current semester.
Exit Procedures for Employees

As part of the checklist for departing employees Computer Support must be involved in this process. Upon notification of a departing employee please submit a helpdesk ticket indicating the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Departure

Once the ticket is received the account will be marked for deletion 30 days after end of employment. Access to all resources will be removed and group memberships in all distribution lists revoked. After the 30 day grace period the CARC-Home network folder will be removed. The responsibility for properly relocating the data resides with the Manager/Direct Report individual.