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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, also more commonly known as ABS, is the second main type of material for FFF printers. ABS is sturdier compared to PLA and it has a few more post processing options. Notes about ABS are as follows:

  • It gives off odors while being printed, which are not sweet like PLA
  • It is almost necessary to have ABS slurry (ABS mixed with acetone), a glue stick, superglue and tape to stick to the build platform, some PLA options like PET tape or hairspray also work
  • A heated build platform is a great thing to have for ABS prints, as they tend to warp fast without a heated chamber and/or platform
  • Legos are made out of ABS
  • ABS can boil if there is too much humidity in the spool or printer area
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