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FilamentExtruder TemperaturePrinting SpeedOther notes
Copperfill195-205 degrees Celsius80 mm/sBest to use normal quality (.2 mm layer height), to finish, polish with rough steel wool
Laywoo-D3200-230 degrees Celsius30-60 mm/s

Temperature just affects color of model, lower speed is better to avoid stringiness

Makerbot UV Magenta230 degrees Celsius90 mm/sMakerbot defaults
Ninjaflex TPE 250 degrees Celsius30 mm/s

Friction can prevent the filament from going into the tube nicely, may be better to lay the

spool elsewhere or bypass the tube. Be sure to ensure the filament wires through to the head, or else it

may get caught in the gears. Rafts will not work if the extruder doesn't follow the same speed specified;

rafts on Makerbots print far slower and will make the filament clog as it is printing

SainSmart230 degrees Celsius90 mm/sMakerbot defaults

Taulman Nylon 618

245-250 degrees Celsius30-40 mm/sEspecially prone to warping, even with raft, maintain room/warm temperature
T-Glase240 degrees Celsius20 mm/s

Luminosity will depend on print speeds, t-glase has mentioned that at lower infill and temperatures, prism qualities can be obtained

50mm/s travel speed; retraction set to 4mm


Makerbot 5th Generation


Speed and quality can be changed only. Temperature is fixed. This printer does not have a spring extruder so it would not be able to do exotic filaments without clogging or jamming; the company however is releasing their own line of exotic materials due out sometime in 2015.

edit: As of summer 2015, Makerbot has updated Makerbot Desktop to allow a more diverse amount of slicer settings. You can alter raft size, retraction speeds and much more now. 3rd party filaments seem to work with the Smart Extruder. Namely the Microcenter brands.

Flashforge Dreamer


Settings for ABS and PLA will work for either extruder; both are spring extruders, meaning they can compensate and adjust to minor flaws in filament diameter. Settings also include temperature for the heated bed.




Only propriety filament cartridges can be used right now, settings are comprised of various quality options, from layer thickness to internal support type. Although the printer has a heated chamber (not bed) it does not allow you to alter the temperature.




Note: additional configurations available at

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