Blog from December, 2015

RESOLVED Normal access has been restored to as of 3:45pm.  

It may be necessary to reboot your Windows computer in order to resolve all file access and normal Desktop operations. If you continue to notice abnormal behavior, please call the Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584 or email 

UPDATE - Issue with networked filed storage (filer)

We are continuing to work toward restoring file access to (our main file storage device).  We have been working with vendor support all morning to isolate the issue and restore connectivity.  

We are especially aware of the difficulty this creates for faculty giving finals and other staff that are rounding-out end-of-year projects.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will do everything possible to restore your access as soon as possible.

At this time, if you have an emergency, mission-critical, or finals-related situation and need to access your data, please call the Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584 for assistance.  At this time we are asking that this be reserved for only truly critical needs as we are unaware of how long we may be able to maintain this temporary access.  

Please stay tuned to this channel or contact our Helpdesk for more information as the situation progresses.

We are currently experiencing a hardware issue that is causing (our main file storage service) to be inaccessible. This issue has caused all network fileshares hosted on to be unavailable (like the "O" drive, and some home directories). Also, many Windows workstations may see problems loading files onto the Desktop, with some Desktops appearing blank or reporting errors when attempting to save a file.

This issue has was first reported starting Thursday afternoon, and ITS is currently addressing the problem. We are in contact with the hardware vendor for a solution, and will continue to update this space as new information is available.