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Starting this morning around 7 am, power will be cut to all three building in the Langford Complex. 

Most of the college's computer infrastructure is now housed in the main campus data center in the Teague building, but there is one major exception: email. As a result, all access to college email servers (including web-based email at is unavailable until power is restored to the building. During this time, all email messages sent to you have been queued on campus mail servers, and once our email system is available, it will be delivered. We do not have any reason to expect that any email will be lost during this event, but delivery of some messages will be significantly delayed. 

If you are working remotely over the holiday, you may have to come to campus to power your machine back on.

The Helpdesk is closed during the break, if you have an emergency, create an issue.  ITS will be monitoring it throughout the day.  Please be sure to include a cell or home number.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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