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Faculty & Staff:

Due to popular demand, the College of Architecture has acquired Qualtrics licensing from TAMU's Software Evaluation and Licensing Library. ITS has the ability to create new Qualtrics accounts and limited ability to manage existing accounts. This service has been paid for by the College and is available, at no additional cost, to anyone who is a member of the College of Architecture.

Please note that if you have been using Qualtrics prior to Fall 2013, there's a good chance your Qualtrics account was created in such a way that ITS will not have the ability to manage it. In those instances, we may be of assistance to you, but we will have to work with TAMU or Qualtrics in order to get your account associated with the College's licensing.

If you are interested in using Qualtrics for course or research purposes, or have any questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at (979) 862-8584 or


Jason L. Vaughn | Helpdesk Manager
College of Architecture | Texas A&M University

TAMU MS 3137 | College Station, TX 77843
Tel. 979.862.8584 |

ITS Wiki |

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