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  • Alcohol cannot be purchased on a Procurement Card.
  • Protect your credit card from unauthorized use.
  • Procurement cards cannot be used for travel. The only exception is for a student who is not a TAMU employee traveling as a student who will not be doing work for the University. For example, a hotel expense for a student traveling for a student organization would be an eligible charge.
  • Be sure to ensure that tax has not been charged on your purchase. If tax has been charged you must go back to the vendor with the Procurement Card and the receipt and have the tax removed from the purchase amount.
  • At this time, inventoried items cannot be purchased with a Procurement Card.
  • If you plan to have another individual purchase on the credit card in your name, ensure that the vendor will allow this type of transaction. Notify theBusiness Office of who is using your card.
  • It is essential that you provide the Business Office with all receipts, invoices, etc. the same day, or next working day, the item is purchased.

Good ideas for the use of the card:

  • Use a procurement card for your registration for a conference.
  • Use a procurement card to purchase items from companies who will not accept a purchase order number.
  • Use the procurement card for making purchases over the web.
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