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Publication approval is a two-step process. Approval is required for all printed material, distributed outside of the college, that supports or promotes programs or activities related to the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.

STEP 1: Publication Proposal - Budget Approval

Prior to beginning publication production, a Publication Proposal: Budget Approval form must be thoroughly completed and submitted by the department head or unit director to the communications director who will approve the document and seek Executive Committee approval.

Note: print estimates required for budget approval may be obtained from the TAMU Purchasing Office through:
Pam McCulloch
pprint acquisition consultant
mailstop: 1366
phone: 979.845.5888

If necessary, the college's communications specialist will assist with the preparation of printing specifications.

Once OK'd by ExCom, print projects requiring assistance from the college communications staff will be prioritized and scheduled for production with consideration given to projects already approved and under way.

Approved projects to be completed independently are to be planned and implemented with guidance from the college's communications director.

Step 2: Review - Content Approval

Prior to delivering the job to the printer, a composite proof and a completed Review: Content Approval Form must be submitted for review to the college's communication director, who will either seek approval from the college's Publications Committee or review the document on the committee's behalf if time constraints do not allow for a committee review. All printed material distributed outside of the college is subject to pre-press approval.

Optional Wavier: Petition to the Dean

Department heads may assume complete responsibility for publication projects by petitioning the dean for a waiver to these requirements.

Request for Editorial Assistance

To expedite projects requiring editorial assistance from the college's communications staff, complete the Editorial Support Request form and have your department head or unit director submit it to the Dawn Trog in the dean's office.

Due to the college's limited communications personnel resources, each request will be evaluated according to its benefit to the college and the staff's ability to facilitate the project in a timely manner when weighed against the other currently approved and scheduled communications initiatives.

If approved by the dean, the project will be prioritized, added to the communications project schedule and completed as promptly as that schedule allows.

All press releases and promotional material targeting news media or external constituent audiences must be approved by the college's communications office.

Note: Department heads may assume responsibility for such projects by petitioning the dean for a waiver to this requirement.


Any questions regarding this policy my be directed to Phillip Rollfing at 979.458.0442 or

Helpful Publishing Reference Material

Publication Approval Forms

Editorial Service Request Form (PDF)
Publication Planning Checklist (PDF)
Editorial Quick-Take (PDF)
100-Point Publication Evaluation Checklist (PDF)
TAMU Style Guide Resources

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