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Step 1
Estimate the cost of the prospective employees trip. Consider airfare, hotel, meals, registration, mileage, rental car, shuttles, and taxis.

Step 2
Determine a source (or sources) of funds for the prospective employees travel expenses.

Step 3
Prepare a College of Architecture Request for Travel form. Some important points to remember:

  • A social security number and mailing address must be on the T&L. The University Fiscal Department will not pay without these items.
  • The account number should be reflected on the T&L.
  • The estimated cost of travel should appear. The Business Office needs additional approval if the estimated amount is exceeded.
  • The Department Head should sign the T&L.
  • NOTE
  • All international prospective employees must have a US Social Security number or an ITIN (W-7 form). This must be done before the traveler arrives or once they are on campus. See attached rules.
  • Nothing can be paid for the individual without this number, including hotel and airfare that was directly billed to the College.

Step 4
Once travel is approved, the traveler can begin making arrangements.

Airfare, hotels, and rental cars can be directly billed to the department.

The Business Office should be provided a list of all prospective employees and what is being are paid for, such as, Dr. Jane Doe, Radisson @ $70/night, Advantage rental car, etc.

Step 5
Have the traveler keep those receipts.  Airline receipt(s) and any other expenses that they need reimbursement on are needed.

Step 6
If the prospective employee has incurred expenses themselves, then they can expect a check to be sent to them at the address they provided as their home address.

If the department has been direct billed for everything,the Business Office will process vouchers and pay those expenses directly upon receipt of receipts.

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