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Step 1
The Dean's Office should be notified of any visitors so that the visit can be placed on the calendar.

Step 2
Immediately upon notification of a potential visitor to the College the area should notify the Business Office in writing of the following information:

  • Visitor's name, date, and purpose of visit.
  • Expenses the College will be incurring for the visit.
  • Funding information for the visit, including the funding source and approval of the account administrator for the funding.
  • Immigration status of the visitor

Step 3
If the immigration status of the employee does not allow for reimbursement of expenses the visitor cannot be reimbursed for their expenses nor can the college be reimbursed for any expenses direct billed.

Step 4
If we are paying the vendor directly for a vehicle rental or a hotel bill for the visitor the Business Office should be provided:

  • The visitor's full name and address.
  • The visitor's social security number(if this visitor does not have a social security number then they should go to our immigration office and fill out a W-7 to have a temporary number issued).
  • In addition if the College is reimbursing this visitor for any of their expenses the visitor should be sent to the Business Office to sign a Transmittal Certification Form which is standard and mandatory for anyone being reimbursed by university funds.

Step 5
If the College or Department is paying a lecture fee to an individual for a lecture presentation the Business Office should be provided the following information in writing:
The department should provide the Business Office with the name or title of the lecture and whom it was presented to (i.e., staff, faculty, students).

Step 6
If we are reimbursing a faculty member for taking a guest or lecturer for a business related meal the faculty member should complete a Business Related Meals form, available in the Departmental Offices or the Business Office.  On this form the following information is essential:

Attendees at the meal
Benefit to the State
Receipts for the meal

The faculty member must fill out and sign a Transmittal Certification Form in the business office.

If alcohol is to be purchased and reimbursed the faculty member must ensure that the account to be used is authorized for alcohol purchases. Alcohol cannot be charged on the procurement card.

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