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Step 1
Plan your purchase:

  • Determine funding source
  • Decide on specifics of your purchase
  • Consider possible vendors

Step 2
Become informed on purchasing rules and restrictions. Ask the Business Office staff about current rules and restrictions before you make your purchase. There are many specific rules about vendors, source of funds, etc.

For example:

  • Printing and copying must be either done at or contracted through the TAMU Graphic Services.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased on a Procurement Card.
  • State funds cannot be used for travel.
  • The purchase must be related to the purpose of the funding account.
  • No tax can be charged to any purchase.
  • TAMU Stores should be your first source for supplies.
  • Items above $5000 or on state contract must be purchased with a requisition and appropriate bid process.
  • Software with a value of $5000 or more must be inventoried.

Step 3
If you are purchasing computer-related items, check with the computing staff of the College to ensure proper fit with existing equipment and to ensure the items are compatible and appropriate to your use.

Step 4
Prior to making your purchase, contact the Business Office for a Purchase Order Number and then complete an 'L' Sheet linked to this web page. If using state funds, you must get a quote from the vendor prior to making the purchase. This form is used to document a funding source, purpose of purchase, authorization to spend funds, and description of item. Please ensure you complete the entire form and obtain signatures. The account holder or designee must sign for authorization to expend funds from the account. Return the completed "L" sheet to the Business Office.

Step 5
Return the completed sheet to the Business Office once the "L" sheet process is complete, you can proceed with your purchase. Be sure that you are not charged State sales tax on your purchase. The Sales Tax Exemption form is linked to this web site.

Step 6
Be sure to use the item as soon as possible to ensure the item was received in good working order so that it may returned for a refund if needed.

Step 7
It is essential that you provide the Business Office with all itemized receipts, invoices, etc. the same day, or next working day, the item is purchased.

  • Interest is charged to the paying account on purchases that are not paid within 30 days (this includes the time for checkprocessing!)
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