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Step 1
Plan your purchase:

  • Establish price range
  • Ask for funding
  • Consider possible vendors

Step 2
Become informed on purchasing rules and restrictions. Ask the Business Office purchasing specialist, Ms. Sherry Melton, about current purchasing rules and restrictions.

Each year state contracts are approved on many pieces of frequently purchased equipment. If a piece of equipment is under State contract, these contracted vendors must be used regardless of price or speed of purchase.

Step 3
Become aware of restrictions on purchasing items. All items over $5000 must be purchased with a requisition and appropriate bid process through Purchasing Services.

Step 4
Develop written, detailed, specific specifications on each item to be purchased. Check computer specifications with the computing staff of the College to ensure proper fit with existing equipment and to ensure the items are compatible and appropriate to your use.

Prior to making your purchase, contact the Business Office for a Purchase Order Number and then complete an 'L' Sheet linked to this web page. If using state funds, you must get a quote from the vendor prior to making the purchase. This form is used to document a funding source, purpose of purchase, authorization to spend funds, and description of item. Please ensure you complete the entire form and obtain signatures. The account holder or designee must sign for authorization to expend funds from the account. Return the completed "L" sheet to the Business Office.

Step 5
Provide typewritten specifications and a letter detailing funding source and approvals for funding to the Business Office. Please include suggested vendor information along with how to contact each vendor.

Step 6
Once the order is complete, the Business Office will send the order to Purchasing at Texas A&M University for processing. Purchasing will also handle the bid process if a bid is required. Please remember that there is a significant lead-time required for many items, including furniture. Plan ahead.

Step 7
Once the item has arrived at the College you will be notified by the Media Center that the item has been received. Please immediately ensure the shipment is not visibly damaged by inspecting the packaging. If it is damaged, please contact the Business Office with appropriate information immediately. Do not dispose of the packing materials.

Step 8
Be sure to use the item as soon as possible to ensure the item was received in good working order.

Step 9
Provide the Business Office with all receipts, invoices, etc. Provide the Business Office with complete serial numbers and the location in which the equipment will be located. If a partial order is received, notify the Business Office at each shipment so that a partial payment can be processed to the vendor.

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