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The following instructions apply to an employee who is new to Texas A&M University, or who has had a break in service with the University.

These procedures should only be begun after the proper procedures have been followed for filling the position.

Step 1
The Department will notify Ms. Lisa Mckown of the new hire of a monthly paid employee and Ms. Amber Mestrovic for a bi-weekly employee in writing immediately upon making the employment offer.

Step 2
Note that immigration status is determined prior to a final letter of offer. A letter of offer may be completed that cites the qualification of approved immigration status before the employment offer is final. The Business Office completes the I-80 if needed for international employees and forwards it to the department head and dean for signature.

Step 3
The Business Office retains copies of the I-80 and supporting documents (copies of visa, passport, I-94, and I-20 or IAP66) and routes the originals to the Human Resources Immigration Office in Research Park. The remainder of the payroll process may be completed only after the I-80 form has received approval at Immigration Services.

Step 4
The Department prepares the final letter of offer to the new employee to include salary, term of appointment, percent effort, and probationary period. Information including the eligibility status for benefit replacement pay must be included. The new employee will be asked to sign the letter confirming acceptance of the offer.

Step 5
Upon acceptance of the offer by the new employee, the employee is directed to the Business Office/room 206 for payroll processing.

Step 6
The payroll personnel in the Business Office will provide the hiring packet to the new employee. The packet will include the following forms: Employee certification and acknowledgment form, I-9 with appropriate documentation attached; payroll W-4; Direct Deposit Authorization; and TAMU Personal Data Form.

Step 7
Payroll personnel assist the new employee in completing documents in the packet. An appointment is made with Human Resources to set up employee's health insurance and retirement benefits.

Step 8
The payroll personnel will complete a document (Form 500) placing the new employee on payroll. The Asst. Dean for Finance and Administration will sign the Form 500.

Step 9
The payroll documents and Form 500 are hand carried to the university main payroll office. In a couple of days to one week, a printed Form 500 is sent back to the Business Office. It is reviewed for accuracy and the payroll voucher detail is checked to make sure all information is correct.

Step 10
The original Request for Form 500, the W-4, Employee Personal Data Form, the Hiring Certificate, and the Direct Deposit Authorization are sent to Payroll Services.

Step 11
The Payroll Personnel makes an appointment with the HR representative (currently Ada Green) so the new employee can choose and finalize documents regarding health insurance and retirement programs. The employee takes with him/her

The following instructions apply to an employee who is new to Texas A&M University, or who has had a break in service with the University.

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