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If the GA will be employed in excess of 50% time

New Hires

Step 1
The Department will notify Ms. Lisa McKown or Gloria Harvey of the new hire of a graduate student in writing immediately upon making the employment offer.

Step 2
Approval to hire international students is determined by ISS. The approval request will be processed by the Business Office and the student CANNOT work prior to getting approval. The Business Office retains copies of visa, passport I-94, and I-20 or IAP66.

Step 3
The Department prepares the final letter of offer to the new graduate student to include salary, term of appointment, and percent effort. The graduate student will be asked to sign the letter confirming acceptance of the offer. Upon acceptance of the offer by the new employee, the graduate student is directed to the Business Office/ room 206 for payroll processing. The Department Head's signature MUST be on ALL hiring letters.

Step 4
The Business Office payroll personnel routes documents to Payroll after the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration signs for approval.

Step 5
All new employees are able to sign up for health insurance on-line. New employees can access the Human Resources website to view health insurance options at .

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