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A direct deposit can easily be completed by stopping by the Business Office in Room 206 of Langford, Building A. If you desire, you may fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization form accessed in the forms section of the Business Office web site in advance of your visit.

  • For new employees, the direct deposit form or requested exemption from Direct Deposit is completed at the time of the initial payroll processing.
  • For existing employees, the easiest way to complete the process is to stop by the Business Office and complete the form. We will hand carry the form directly to Payroll once you have completed it and attached your voided check.

In either case, there is no need to make a trip to your financial institution for completion of the financial information in items 14-20 on the form. However a voided check may be attached to the form.

If you desire to complete the process yourself, the form must becompleted and sent with the attached voided check to the following address:

Hand carry to:

Campus Mail to:

University Payroll Services Office

TAMU Payroll

Room 009

MS 1261

YMCA Building


Advantages of direct deposited include:

  • Your check cannot be lost or stolen.
  • You don't have to worry picking up your check when you are out on leave.
  • No trip to the bank is required to deposit your check.
  • You avoid check-cashing situations when payday falls on a bank holiday.
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